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El Rancho Asno Blanco

Building Tomorrow's Herd in Central Texas

Karen Severn
Burleson CountyCaldwell, TX 77836
AFK Sir Tommy
ROC Ozymandias
SEV Shelley and DDF Jazzi

Asno Blanco

The Asno Blanco Ranch is located 20 miles west of College Station in east Central Texas. The Double S Kiko Ranch is adjacent to mine and is owned by my son Dan and his wife Haylee. This is great as sharing the work makes a big difference! At The Ranch, we strive to produce hardy goats for humid Central Texas. Kiko goats thrive in the pasture in comparison with stall-kept princesses. Genemasters, a hybrid of Boers and Kikos, are one of my goals in goat breeding.

We raise goats in an ideal setting. Our goats all live on acreage, not feedlots. They eat a natural diet of forage and browse, supplemented by local hay and feed from Producers Coop when needed. The very best bucklings and doelings will be sold as registered breeding stock.

My herd includes Kiko, Boer and Genemaster goats. I am a proud member of the American Kiko Goat Association, the American Boer Goat Association. Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association, and the American Goat Federation.

Farm Terms & Financing

We take cash, certified checks and PayPal for goat purchases. We handle all paperwork for breed registration and transfers. If you see a goat you like, we also take deposits. We do not sell doelings until they are at least three months old, preferably four, as we think they are better adults if left longer with their dams.

Happy Goating!

Breeding complete!

We are completely sold out of bucks, does and doelings!!!

All of our breeding matchups have been input into our page, so you can find out who is bred to whom! If you want to reserve a kid, contact us and we'll talk about reserving one for you! Kidding starts in mid-December.