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Brightman Farm

Hardy Pasture Raised Kiko/Myotonic Goats: Commercial Breeding Stock & Pets

Robert & Elizabeth Brightman
12340 Julian LanePrincess Anne, MD 21853

Kiko/Myotonic Buckling (on hold)

Geronimo - our Registered Kiko herdsire (Not for Sale)
Bandit - 75% Kiko Buck
Myotonic kid does (Not For Sale)

Brightman Farm Goats live in a Beautiful Pasture Setting on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We developed our pasture without chemicals in 2014 specifically for our goats, about 2 years before their arrival, using a 7 forage plant mix created specifically for goats in our climate region containing orchard grass, tall fescue (endophyte free), chicory, alfalfa, white yarrow, bird's foot trefoil and red clover! As a result, our goats are happy, fast growing and doing very well!

We are working on the development of 2 breeds: Kiko and Myotonic. We began with high quality, performance tested Kiko bucks: an NKR Registered 100% New Zealand Kiko and an NKR Registered Purebred Kiko and some goats are crossbred with MGR Registered Myotonic goats. Our NKR Registered Purebred Kiko Herdsire 'Geronimo' (photo included) was in the top 10 of the 2015 Western Maryland Meat Goat Performance Test, which measures parasite resistance and growth rate. The crossbred or purebred goats can be sold as commercial breeding stock or as pets. Our crossbred wethers (neutered males) of both breeds are beautiful, hardy and entertaining as pets and companions for humans or other animals. Our crossbred bucks and does are excellent breeding stock for the meat goat industry, as they are hardy and high quality meat breeds. We have a young herd of MGR ('Myotonic Goat Registry') Purebred Myotonic "Fainting Goats" which we will use to produce kids to be sold as pets or possibly as breeding stock for the meat goat industry.

Farm Terms & Financing

50% Non Refundable Deposit to hold goat(s). Balance due upon receipt of the goat(s). PayPal is an option for initial deposit. Balance due upon receipt in cash or local check depending on location. Possible boarding fees if extended pick up applies.

Brightman Farm Kiko/Myotonic Goats

Our goats are pasture raised on a chemical-free pasture planted especially for them with 7 types of goat forage and year round grazing. Due to high quality forage and lack of regular confinement to barns or stalls, they are very healthy and happy goats. Some are registered purebred and some are crossbred for various purposes. If you are looking for high quality breeding stock for meat production or goats for brush clearing or adorable, entertaining pets, we can provide either!