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Goatzz/AGF Partnership

Joining forces for a stronger goat industry

Goatzz and the American Goat Federation (AGF) are excited to announce our partnership to create a stronger goat industry through our combined marketing efforts.

Who is Goatzz?

Goatzz.com is a national goat marketplace website run by Openherd.com, who have been successfully helping family farms with their online marketing since 2007. Goatzz offers not just an online goat marketplace but also website hosting, herd health software, and their Affiliate Marketing Program (AMP), of which AGF is now a participating member.

What does this give AGF?

AGF will soon be offering on-site searching of member farms and member goats for sale, with each AGF member getting their own farm profile, including goat sales lists, online store, photo albums, articles, and other informational pages. In addition, all AGF member products and services will be included in Goatzz's national marketplace for even more exposure. This will give AGF a powerful new marketing component to their site, making AGF a full-featured goat industry resource.

How do AGF members benefit?

AGF already gets great internet search engine results. However, when visitors come to the AGF site, if it's difficult to find local farms or goats for sale or goat products to purchase in an appealing format, they will likely move on to other websites.

This is where the Goatzz Affiliate Marketing Program comes in.

Goatzz's system will power new Goat Farm Search and Goats for Sale Search pages to help visitors find what they're looking for in a dynamic format. Each AGF member will then have their own farm profile, complete with their sales lists, goat products and other informational pages. This helps to engage the visitor directly with an individual farm, greatly increasing the likelihood that they'll become a customer.

For more information, please visit AGF's Member Services page.

To sign up to get your farm listed with these great new AGF features, please click the button below.

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Is there a cost?

No. Goatzz's Affiliate Marketing Program is free for AGF and free for individual AGF members. Members who want the convenience and savings of managing their AGF, Goatzz, AND personal website info all in one place can go a step further and upgrade to a Goatzz Business Membership, which includes a personal website, website hosting, email, herd health software, and more.

How will this work?

Each AGF memeber will have their own Goatzz account where they will use Goatzz's easy-to-use tools to manage their farm information. Their information and edits will automatically update on the AGF site. AGF will then manage who shows up on the AGF site.

To start the process, click the "Sign Up Now" button above to register with AGF. Once you have successfully submitted the form, you will be redirected back to Goatzz.com to set up your Goatzz account.

If you need any help with creating your Goatzz account, adding your farm information, or have questions, please contact Goatzz Support.