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EL Hope

Scientific Data

10/01/2019Alpha S Casein A/B
09/02/2019G6S Negative

SG Aberdale Glen EL Hope 1*MBred

Goat, Nubian, Doe (female) | Red and White Frosted Ears

ADGA# N1782705 | DOB: 3/25/2016 (4 yrs) (Due Date: 3/19/2021)

Patch of Pines Phoenix +*B

Foundation Sire

Patch of Pines Phoenix +*B

NubianBuck (male)Black and White tan trim
ADGA# N1680581DOB: 3/29/20146 yrs
Patch of Pines Phoenix earned his + this year, with 5 of his daughters in the herd earning their milk stars. While he is no longer part of the herd, his contributions will continue year after year.
 ADGA# N1680581 Black and White tan trim
Quarter Mile Emmylou
Service Sire:


NubianBuck (male)Black with white spots Frosted ears
ADGA# N2017445DOB: 3/4/20191 yr
Joe was a much anticipated purchase from Ziggy Ginest in Wyoming, one of the original SAADA breeders. Last year was his first year with the does and so far I'm impressed with the body type that he is passing on. Joe will be the 2021 Herd Sire at Aberdale Glen.
 ADGA# N2017445 Black with white spots Frosted ears

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Hope is a beautiful doe with lots of length and depth. She appraised with an 88 on the 2018 LA.
She recently kidded with quads - 3 bucks and 1 doe - all on her own. She's a fantastic milker and mom. Hope earned her SG qualification and 1*M August of 2020. I'm so proud of this terrific doe.

Hope will be bred to ??? for the 2021 kidding season.
G6S Negative with A/B Alpha S1 Casein


SG earned as a 3 year old
1*M Earned

Purchase Terms

Bucklings/wethers are available at weaning unless taken sooner as bottle babies. Price for 4h buyers is $50 when picked up at weaning otherwise price is $75. All kids are disbudded, given CDT and banded prior to pick up unless otherwise arranged.

Updated 11/17/2020


Jr. Doe (female)2 yrsDark red
Not for Sale