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2021 mini Doelings for sale Silky doe born 12/2020 Silky born 5/6/2020

Country Farm baby pygmy goat

Mini Pygmy Nigerian Silky goats for sale

Goat, Pygmy/Pygora/Miniature Silkie Fainting /Nigerian Dwarf, Kid (female) | Multi colored with beauriful markin

DOB: 12/20/2020 (Under 1 yr)


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Silky Wethers

Other: Mini Silky Pygmy Nigerian Does $600 Wethers $500


10 New born kids born December 20, -27, 2020. 
Will be ready for christmas!!!

8 bottle babies ready to take home now!

Unique tiny mini designer colorful baby pygmy goats for sale!
Multi colors, fluffy silky angora pygmy spotted, with adorable markings.

Wethers  $350 - $400
Does $450 to $650
   Wethers $450 Does $500
Wethers $450 Does $500-$650

FREE RANGED raised on a 60 acre farm

Go to our website to sign in for additional photos, availability, and care info at:


Pygmy goats kids for sale minis Southwest NJ 

Photos and care info on our website:

Apply by filling out my contact form on


Guaranteed miniature sized, beautiful heads, rare multi colored, beautifully marked,rare soft fluffy fleece, pet personality, and nice confirmation.They are very playful will grow up to be friendly, intelligent loving pets. Kids love attention and to be rubbed and brushed. They can be taught tricks, housebroken, and to walk on a leash. Mini goats can live up to 14- 16 years.

Farm free ranged raised on our 60 acre farm. If you are looking for cheap auction goats, please do not contact me.
My kids are rasised with the best care and feed and are disease free. It takes 8 months of care of the mother and kid to raise a kid to the adoption age of 10 weeks old.

They are not raised in cages or pens. They will be under 22" and smaller then a labrodor retriever dog when full grown. Goats are very social, need contast companionship, and must be sold in pairs.
100% healthy and very easy to care for.
Moms and Dads on property. Babies are guaranteed to be "designer" MINIS.
Males are nueteted. Nuetered males are called wethers.

I have one 2 year old Wether priced at $150.00

Deposit to reserve one is $100 CASH, or Paypal. Deposit is nonrefundable

We also breed rare fiber Pygora kids (angora/ pygmy mix) AND SILKY goats, white, black, and chocolate. Their fleece can be used for the softest knitting yarns! 

They have coat fiber with curly locks, softer then sheep wool !! 


Paynent accepted:Cash only .Cash only at pickup. Non refundable.

Visit our website


for care information and to fill out our contact form for more info, photos and a farm visit to reserve and adopt kids.
A customized feeding program will be provided for your new kids and 24/7 support.

We give a written care and feeding brochure with each baby.

Email me for my phone number, to come see them and reserve your baby! They sell fast!

NOTE:Goats are considered farm animals so check with your Township, or neighbors first. 

Bring a medium sized dog crate to take them home in.
(Or you may borrow mine if you leave a deposit)

Updated 1/18/2021