— The Goatzz Team

Sweet Creek Goat Farm

Quality Commercial Crossbred Meat/Dairy goats

Starr Lonto
31964 160th AvenuePoteau, OK 74953

Boer Goats

Buck (male)

Naturally Polled
Buck (male)1 yrSorrel Red Cape
Flashy Fellow
Buck (male)1 yrTan with black saddle, black face
Gentle to handle.
Buck (male)1 yrSorrel Red and white paint

Doe (female)

Commerical Meat Breeding stock -Doe
Doe (female)2 yrsbrown
Commerial Meat Goat Breeding Stock
Doe (female)2 yrsBrown and white with brown spots
Quality Commercial Meat Cross Breed
Doe (female)2 yrsBlack with speckled ears