— The Goatzz Team

Foundation Nubian Goats

Doe (female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Aberdale Glen Fiona’s Calliope  Nubian Doe (female) Brown and White spotted 2 yrs Not for Sale
Aberdale Glens Fiona’s Sapphire 1*M Nubian Doe (female) Black with frosted ears and nose 2 yrs Not for Sale
Hidden Farm Lizzie Nubian Doe (female) Black white and moon spots 4 yrs Not for Sale
Hoanbu KC Enlightened 3*M Nubian Doe (female) black roan, white ears, cap muzzle 3 yrs Not for Sale
SG Aberdale Glen EL Hope 1*M  Nubian Doe (female) Red and White Frosted Ears 4 yrs Not for Sale
SG Hidden Farm Kit Kat Baby 1*M  Nubian Doe (female) Red black dorsal stripe red ears 5 yrs Not for Sale

Jr. Doe (female)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
ABERDALE GLEN PS TUMBAONE ONYX Nubian Jr. Doe (female) Black with white trim partial belt 1 yr Not for Sale

Buck (male)

Name Breed Gender Color Age Price
Patch of Pines Phoenix +*B Nubian Buck (male) Black and White tan trim 6 yrs Not for Sale
SAADA XTRA ESPRESSO JOE Nubian Buck (male) Black with white spots Frosted ears 1 yr Not for Sale