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Tube Feeding Neonatal Small Ruminants

An Essential Skill for Sheep and Goat Farmers Volume 5 Issue 4

Introduction: Lambing and kidding are well under way. It is essential that sheep and goat producers learn how to tube feed young animals. This simple procedure can often save a young animal’s life, thereby increasing lambing and kidding crop rates and enhancing profitability. With a brief amount of instruction and a little practice, even children can perform this crucial task quickly, safely and effectively.

Indications: When is tube feeding necessary? If an animal is too weak or otherwise un... Full article >

Six Weeks To Kidding

Does Pre-kidding Instructions

60 days before kids are due
1. Dry off Does in Milk

50 days before the kids are due
1. Give the mom a hoof trim.

Six weeks before due date
1. Bo-Se (Selenium/Vit E)shot.

Four weeks before due date
1. CD&T 2 ml, sub-Q for all weights
2. Trim hooves & Clip udder and tail
3. Make sure your kidding, milking, kid feeding, tattooing, and disbudding supplies are in order?
4. Fetus increases, so should nutrition. Feed grain gradually to Does car... Full article >