— The Goatzz Team

Old Fashioned Goat Sausage Casserole

This spin on a traditional breakfast casserole mingles flaky country style or buttermilk biscuits, sausage or country gravy, breakfast goat sausage, scrambled eggs, and shredded cheese. Use goat sausage crumbles or sliced breakfast sausage links. All sorts of yummy, flaky and gooeyness in an easy to make casserole. Perfect for a cool or cold Christmas morning breakfast, depending on where you live in the world. And it can feed a small army depending on who is crashing at your pad overnight.
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Goat Tortilla Soup

Who doesn't love a great Tortilla Soup recipe? We love this simple twist with ground goat. Prep it in the morning and let it simmer until you get home after work or throw it together at the end of a long day. Whether using fresh ingredients or cans out of your pantry, this is an easy meal to feed a small family or double or triple up to feed the whole clan. We like to add a little sour cream, grated cheddar cheese, and tortilla chips to this soup. Spice it up with a few JalapeƱos or Chiles if yo... Full article >

Keto Rutabaga Goat Stew

Great on a cool fall day! This goat stew warms the soul. This recipe uses Rutabaga in lieu of traditional potatoes. A terrific healthy alternative that pairs well with sliced goat meat. This can be cooked on the stove just before dinner or throw it all together first thing in the morning and return from the daily grind to a ready to serve meal from your crockpot. Can't beat a meal that has been simmering all day. And Soup and Oyster crackers to round it out.
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Svea's Indian Spiced Goat Meatball Curry

As goat meat gains traction in our region of the Northeast, we find ourselves in sidebar, watercooler type conversations where a local will offer up their favorite recipe. This curry dish, specifically the goat meatballs is a favorite of Svea's. Robust and flavorful but not too spicy and sweetened with coconut milk, it hits the palate just right. We like to pair it with Naan or Chipati but it would be great with rice as well or both. How can you go wrong!
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Goat Sausage and Feta Cheese Pizza

I love pizza! I would say who doesn't but I am sure there is someone out there that has no interest in pizza. What do I crave when I am trying to eat healthy and be good? Pizza! I can enjoy a simple pepperoni pizza like the best of them but as a family our palates love a variety of toppings including using goat sausage to create a healthy meat alternative. Goat meat, of course, is lean. And goat sausage is super tasty. Add a little Feta cheese, onions, garlic, or sliced tomato to round out your ... Full article >

Pumpkin Black-Bean Goat Chili

Slow Cookin'

A new favorite with the Crise Crew is this healthy spin on a classic chili dish using canned pumpkin and ground goat. We are always on the hunt for unique and delicious goat meat alternatives we can share. This is a quick and easy meal you can throw together in the morning before you head off for the day. Perfect for a cool fall evening or a cold winter weekend with family and friends. And when you arrive home it's pipin' hot and ready to serve. Just set the table and garnish with your favorite ... Full article >

Goat Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Nothing like a breakfast casserole to warm the belly and the house on a cool fall morning. Keep it simple with just a few ingredients or spice it up with hot peppers. We like to bake this casserole with goat sausage for dinner and then eat it for leftovers the following day at breakfast. This recipe calls for a few cans of diced potatoes but you can replace this with a bag of frozen has browns too. Either way it is a quick and easy casserole to feed the whole family.
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Tex-Mex Goat Chowder

Slow Cookin'

On the homestead, we are always looking for a new meal that we can grab 90% of the items needed for the nightly spread from right out of the pantry. Sure there are lots of substitutions we can use for some of these key ingredients but it's fun to pull together the right combination of canned goods, fresh veggies from the garden, and canned or frozen stewed goat from the cold storage or freezer, to make the perfect meal to catch up with the fam jam around the table on the day's events. Pair this ... Full article >