— The Goatzz Team

Karen W. Severn 11/19/2018

El Rancho Asno Blanco, Caldwell, TX

I still love my Goatzz...... sold everything this year.

Mary T. Fischer 8/10/2018

Fischer Family Farms, LLC, Monticello, FL

It took us a while to begin using your product to produce our website but last month we made a big step toward getting up and running and find that we are very happy with how it works. Once I got the hang of it, I find it is much easier than anything else I have tried!

Renée LeFever & Eldon Westhausen 7/16/2018

Soggy Hill Farm, Appleton, MN

Since signing up for Goatzz.com and putting our farm, our story, and our goats on the Goatzz website I have had a virtual flood of contacts that amount to 18 in the last 6 months! ...It was a great business move to utilize the free service offered by Goatzz.com... In fact I signed up for a Business account with Goatzz.com because I was so impressed with their web hosting, and I am eager to see our contact numbers jump again because of it.

Josh & Kathy Crise 7/10/2018

Marble Creek Acres, Lee, ME

Not only has Goatzz.com offered a common platform and terminology, which leverages a larger community to conduct business with like-minded producers, ranchers and hobbyists, their staff are knowledgeable, courteous, efficient with requests and open to feedback and changes to meet evolving needs. The platform brings the goat industry together providing just the right feature sets to support small and large scale operations, offering the ability to easily share foundation stock, Kikos for sale in various categories (doelings, buckings, wethers, etc.) and a store option to conduct online business. Another hidden gem, the Health Record keeping software, available to upgraded memberships, provides a terrific way to stay organized and is invaluable in sharing up-to-date records to prospective buyers. We give Goatzz.com two-thumbs up!

Joan Carlson 5/20/2018

Morgen Star Farm, Raeford, NC

I am very pleased with Goatzz.com and all that it offers... I would like to thank your staff... for helping me with my website. They are very pleasant to work with and have always gotten back with me in a timely manner. It is so refreshing to work with competent people (ha), especially in this day and age when so many do not put much effort into customer service.

Kim Balkom-Fox 7/27/2017

Lone Fox Farm, Cottageville, SC

Almost every sale I have made is through my website and it has been huge for marketing. I like how it's geared for goat breeders, I can have tabs for each breed, and can cross-reference animals. The Goatzz people are very helpful and the price is right.

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