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Insight Ranch (GoatCompanions.com)

Purebred registered Nigerian Dwarf & Mini-Nubian Goats -Southern California

T Morgan & M Richardson
12403 Central Avenue Unit 355Chino, CA 91710
909 223-1083

Southern California breeder of registered Nigerian Dwarf and Mini-Nubian goats. We specialize in Emotional Support companion goats and provide experienced support to our client families.

See our website goatcompanions.com for details and then call us to discuss your needs. (909) 223-1083

Farm Terms & Financing

Cash, no terms. Reservation deposit required with the balance due at pickup.

Emotional Support Goat Companions

We have taken the time to hand raise thoughtfully evaluated pet goats whose temperament and behavior makes them well suited to becoming an emotional support companion.

There are a great many species that make wonderful visiting animals and can form a strong human-animal bond. Goats are being successfully used in many settings including senior care facilities, veterans organizations, hospitals, schools, special needs facilities, therapeutic practices, etc.