— The Goatzz Team

The Graybrier

Fiber Producing Goats & Sheep

Theresa Knapp & Lois Kozlowski
12619 Township Rd 106Mount Perry, OH 43760

We offer 100% Gotland wool in batting or finished sport weight yarn - natural gray/charcoal color. Our Gotland wool is an average 23 micron. The lambs are black when born and mature to various shades of gray with gold overtones. We also offer fine cashmere that has been hand combed from each animal every spring and processed and sold as combed top or spun into 100% finger weight yarn suitable for scarves, gloves, hats and sweaters. We now have available natural colors of taupe and white in 1oz skeins of 100yds.

We have both Gotland sheep and Cashmere producing goats (Kiko mix breeding) for sale at all times. Please contact us for your fiber needs and the availability of registered Gotland sheep and Cashmere goats for sale.

This farm is currently for sale.

The Finest of Fiber . . . .

This 42 acre farm is currently for sale and will be officially listed in the spring (2018). As such all cashmere producing goats are for sale - preferably as a herd and also separately. Please view our gallery
for current photos of all available animals. It is my sincere wish that all will go to a good and caring home!

The Graybrier offers some of the finest fibers in Ohio. We care for and breed Cashmere producing goats as well as Gotland sheep on our 42 acre farm in Perry County.