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Anthony & Amanda Heber
313 E. 1200 S.Clinton, IN 47842

Blythe takes great pride in showmanship!

Proud to be the sixth generation enjoying the love of farming.
Lovely Oberhasli Girls
Sweet Saanen Babies

Dreamy Sunset Farm was established in 2011, when our daughter began showing dairy goats in 4-H. What started as a simple 4-H project has grown to a herd of 30-50 goats. We have around 40 kids born each spring, and milk 10-20 does.

We focus on breeding and raising show quality animals, concentrating on the Saanen and Oberhasli breeds, but also strive for productive animals that produce high quality milk. Our high quality milk is what makes our bath and body products so great.

All of our products are handmade, on our Hoosier Homestead farm located in rural Clinton, IN., approximately 15 miles north of Terre Haute. We use our own fresh goat milk to make our high quality products of lotion and soap. We try to keep our recipes simple and as natural as possible, so the skin of many can enjoy the wonderful benefits of goat milk.

Dreamy Sunset Farm is family owned and operated by the Heber Family---Anthony, Amanda, Blythe, and Liam. We have made this quite the family affair, which is full of great accomplishments.

Anthony focuses on genetics and the proper breeding program. He makes sure breedings are not too “close” and will not cause future problems. He helps find the best suited buck for the does to help move the breeding program in the right direction. He is also the muscle behind most things that go on at the farm such as building fence, feeding hay, cleaning the barns, etc.

Amanda ensures the proper nutrition programs are in place for each segment of the herd and keeps up with any veterinary needs. She customizes the diet for the kids, bucks, dry does and milking does, to make sure all are growing, producing and healthy. She also administers any yearly vaccines, and blood draws for any testing, as well as tends to proper care of sick and injured goats.

Blythe, at the ripe age of 16, is a 2 time National Champion Showman, and strives to do her best at any show our animals are exhibited in. She also does all the evaluating of the herd to decide what needs to be improved in the breeding program, as well as what animals will be culled. Blythe also does much of the milking and general chores when not in school or participating in other activities such as her high school musical or tennis.

Liam, age 10, is just now starting to get his feet wet. 2016 was his first year of 4-H, and he was a 4th place National Showman in his respective age group. He seems to be following in his big sister’s footsteps, since he was selected as National Champion Showman at the 2017 ADGA National Show. Liam helps with daily chores of feeding, watering, and even the milking. He also manages his very own flock of chickens, which he sells the eggs.

The whole family partakes in producing the products we sell. Amanda’s mom, Judy, and Anthony’s dad, Ray, even get in on the fun. From weighing out the ingredients, to filling bottles, to labeling, everyone has a hand in helping

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