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Living Oak Farm

Pasture Raised Heritage Breeds

Donna Askew
123 main stAbbeville, SC 29620

Wool, Hair and Dairy Sheep

We are breeding sheep for wool, meat, dairy and breed stock production. Currently we have St. Croix, Katadin/Dorper, Leicester Long Wool, Clun Forrest, East Friesian, and Gotland. Three of our breeds of sheep are listed with the Livestock Conservancy.

Spanish, Kiko & Boar Goats

Spanish Goats are hardy, parasite resistant and great mothers. Meat producers cross breed these characteristics with Boar and Kiko for larger animals. We are breeding Spanish goats to preserve the breed and sell stock, as well as crossing them with Kiko and Boar for our meat herd. We are preserving the Baylis and Low Country blood lines within the Spanish breed. Spanish goats are listed with the Livestock Conservancy.

Livestock Guard Dogs

We are breeding and training Anatolian Shepards as livestock guard dogs because we want to raise our livestock in pasture and protect them from predators. Our dogs are friendly and approachable. They love their animals and do their jobs well. We will have puppies in 2016.

We are sustainably stewarding 314 acres of God’s country and pasture raising sheep, goats and chickens. We honor all aspects of life as we navigate the course of co-creating a successful farm by selling our products.

The Farm

Our Farm is on 314 acres in Abbeville South Carolina. Hardwoods, creeks, ponds and gentle pastures are home to over 165 animals and bees. Our vision is to sell our products directly to you. We invite you to visit our farm and our products page!

Welcome to our farm!

We're glad that you found us on the web. Please take a look at our sales lists and enjoy learning more about our farm. We welcome your inquiries and questions!