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No website left behind.

Having your own farm website is important for business but building and maintaining your herd sales list can be a big sink on time, money, and energy. It's the part of your website that changes most frequently and where many farms fall behind and end up with incomplete and out-of-date lists.

With ListMirrorTM, just paste a simple piece of code into your web page, edit everything on Goatzz using the industry's best sales list management tools, and your website sales lists will update automatically. You'll have complete, professional, and awesome looking sales lists every time a customer comes by!

Plus, your sales lists are published on for additional marketing exposure - a real 2-for-1!

Save time, money, and hassle

Whether you do your website yourself or pay a web person, getting your website to not only look good but to consistently have up-to-date, detailed herd information involves a lot of time and expense, especially when added up over the course of a year.

With Goatzz ListMirrorTM, you just pay one affordable annual fee and get unlimited updates, free support, and software that's always kept current.

Professional sales lists

Manually building your sales lists often results in things not being sized consistently, layout issues, and limited details. With ListMirrorTM, you just upload your photos and enter your information on Goatzz using our easy, intuitive tools, and we take care of putting everything together, linking things up, and making your lists looks awesome.

3 different views for customers

Not only does ListMirrorTM make the sales list building process easy, your customers are able to choose between 3 views - Detailed listings, simple List view, or browse visually with Gallery view. Your sales lists, 3 different ways!

Responsive design

Many websites are now converting to 'responsive' designs, meaning that the size and layout of elements automatically respond to the device and screen size so that things are readable and easy to navigate. ListMirrorTM will automatically resize with your website to look great on any device.

Make your website life easy

You've got too much to worry about on the farm, so why not have a website where your sales lists update by themselves and the industry's best editing system to manage things? Join or upgrade today!