— The Goatzz Team

Four Seasons Farm (FSF) Dairy Goats

Breeding productive, show quality Saanens with longevity

Laura & Chris Kieser
18265 Apple CircleJordan, MN 55352

Herd Management & Kid Raising

Herd health and constant management has proven to be a strong component of the success of our herd. Our does and kids are fed dairy quality alfalfa hay throughout the year.  Our bucks receive as much grass hay as they would like, and have a large pasture to graze, browse and explore.  We utilize grain mixes from Big Gain, a regional feed supplier in the upper midwest, and this has been very consistent for us.  Our does receive a 16% pellett on the milk stand, and we utilize kid grower for kids and bucks. We also offer loose minerals, sodium bicarbonate, Diamond V yeast and sea kelp free choice for does and kids. 

As the animals are on pasture, they are dewormed throughout the year, vaccinated against clostridium perfringens Types C & D, and tetanus, given supplemental vitamin A, D, & E and BoSe regularly as a source of selenium.  

During kidding season, we monitor does that are close to kidding with the use of several barn cameras installed over individual kidding areas. We are present for all births and remove kids as soon as they are born. Our kids are raised on a CAE prevention program and penned separately from the adult goats. Kids are fed by bottle for the first few days, and then trained to use a lambar bucket.  Kids stay on pasteurized milk for 12 weeks.