— The Goatzz Team

Print Center

Print flyers and sales lists, pronto!

Print options allow you to customize your sheets.

"Kristi and I found the Print Center produced professional looking sales flyers, including QR Code's for smart phone users. It was quick and easy!"

— Art & Kristi Seeley
Renny Ranch
Calhan, CO

Fast. Easy. Appealing

With all of your animal information already in your Goatzz account, all you need to do is click the print icon for an animal or group, and you'll have a professional sales list or flyer instantly. It's that easy!

Flyers include a custom barcode that can be scanned with a smartphone or tablet and will pull up the animal's detail page online where more details, photos, and video can be viewed!

No more desktop publishing hassles

With a few clicks, your animal information from My Herd is turned into a crisp, professional, up-to-date sales sheet ready to print. No more copying and pasting into publishing programs and fiddling with the layout and updating information. Now you can generate a personalized sales list for a prospective customer at a moment's notice.

Customize your sheets

Not only can you instantly create a flyer, you can also customize the way it looks. Choose the photos you want to include, turn various information on or off and select different layout options.

On the go

Whether you're attending a show, putting on a farm event, or entertaining a prospect, you can have professional, up-to-date sales materials ready at a moment's notice, giving you more time to take care of other important preparations.

And since your Goatzz account is accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection, you can also print while you're away from the farm, such as a hotel business center, print shop, or even right from a printer at your event marketing table!


What's the benefit of the Print Center?

It's fast and easy, with no copy and pasting needed to create or update a sales sheet. No more long hours in front of frustrating desktop publishing programs. No more having to double-check that your information is consistent with what's on the web. Update your Goatzz account and any new flyers you print will automatically be up-to-date!

How do I access the Print Center?

Click the printer icon next to an individual animal in My Herd or next to a group of animals under Groups in My Herd.

Can I create my own custom list of animals to print?

Yes. Just go to the Groups tab in My Herd and click the button to create a new group. Select the animals to add to that group, then use the up/down arrows to put them in the order you want. Then click the print icon to print your sales list.

How does pagination work?

Your animal information will be limited to a single page by default. If you want your animal information to flow to more than one page, just uncheck the "Limit to single page" option. The position of the page break will depend on your browser and your printer margins. If pagination does not occur in the places you want, try creating a separate group of animals for each page of your list and print separately.

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