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Emerald C Ranch

Breeding Quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Show and Milk.

Summer & Brian Cataldo
1282 County Road 263Gainesville, TX 76240
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New Wether - Born 11/26/2018

New Wether - Born 11/26/2018

New Wethers - Born 11/23/2018 New Wether - Born 12/3/2018 New Wethers - Born 11/26/2018 Just a sampling of what is available

All purpose wethers! New added 1-10

Wethers - New kids added!

Goat, Nigerian Dwarf, Wether (male)




We have a selection of wethers (castrated bucks) of various colors and ages for you to choose from, whether it be for show, a companion, a brush clearer, or meat. All of them come disbudded, if not naturally polled. Each is $75.

A set of 7 wether kids have just been added today, Jan 10th, 2019. They are ready to go now, all roughly 1-2 months old, some with blue eyes!

I know they are cute, but remember to do your homework before taking on goat ownership! There are plenty of resources out there to learn the basics. In a nutshell, check local laws and with neighbors to make sure they are allowed. Make sure your goat will have a companion (get two or more!), they are a herd animal. They are also a prey animal... a dog is a predator and would not make a good companion. Goats require a shelter with at least three sides to keep them out of wind, rain and flood waters, free access to clean water, loose mineral and good quality hay. They are also browsers, not grazers, and while they will readily eat grass, they prefer woody, brushy areas. Their hooves require trimming every 4-6 months, and they can live about as long as dogs - 10 to 15 years. Lastly, I have never known a potty trained goat... keep that in mind if you intend to keep your goat in the house! :D

Purchase Terms

Prices quoted are for animals picked up at the Emerald C Ranch, located near Gainesville, TX. Additional charges (health certs, kennels, shipping etc), are the responsibility of the buyer. We test the breeding herd annually for CAE and any new animals for CAE, CL and Johnes. A non-refundable $25 deposit will hold the wether of your choice for one month. Payment must be made in full prior to receiving any animal. Refunds, minus a $25 non-refundable deposit, can be made *after* being paid in full and *before* receiving the wether, in the case that you wish to cancel a sale. We accept cash or paypal (emerald.c.ranch@gmail.com). If you will be crossing state lines for pickup, please check the transport requirements for those states and be aware that they could cause delays in pickup time. Changes to this agreement may be made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the seller.

Updated 3/18/2019