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Ideal for hobbyists to list their farm and animals on Openherd.com


Complete farm website and national advertising on Openherd.com to drive customers to your site.


Best for farms looking to grow their revenue with online sales, tours, and time-saving tools.


Drive your sales to the next level with our Premium Marketing services.

1. Monthly recurring subscription. To cancel your subscription, contact us before your next billing cycle (usually same date as date purchased).

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Why farms struggle with selling

People expect to find you online but the technology can be confusing and complicated.

  • Confusing - There are so many choices but what's going to work?
  • Time-consuming - Marketing can take a lot of time you don't have.
  • Costly - Websites can be expensive and get no results.
  • Technical - Marketing involves technology that's over your head.
  • People don't buy - The sales just aren't happening. Why?
  • Lack of help - You feel like you're on your own to figure it out.

Let's get your farm, animals, and products noticed!

1. We Build
Your Website

Simply upload your farm info with our easy system, pick a design, and we do the rest to create you a stunning website!

2. Advertise

Your animals and products will be automatically advertised on our national marketplace and your participating association sites*.

3. Grow Your

With a professional website to turn visitors into customers, national promotion, and awesome support, your farm is ready to grow!

*Regional/breed associations participating in Goatzz's Affiliate Marketing Program.

Grow your farm with a system that works

We understand how frustrating marketing can be. It shouldn't be that way.
We've helped 1000s of farms to be more successful.

Easy to Use

We built our system especially for farmers so it's easy for you to market your farm without having to be 'techy'.


Reduce your marketing costs with our all-inclusive, affordable plans, designed to get you results (not just a website).


You won't be left on your own to figure it all out. Our awesome, friendly support is here to help you succeed.

5 Marketing Mistakes Farmers Make

5 Marketing Mistakes Farmers Make - PDF

If you're making these mistakes, it is likely costing you lost business and wasting your money and time.

Once you change these things, you'll be on your way to better customer connections and increased business that'll grow your farm.

What makes Goatzz different?

Goatzz exists to support the success of the family farm by providing easy, affordable online marketing tools under one roof.

Goatzz is unique because our easy-to-use system is built specifically for farmers to help them market their animals and products online, giving you the feel of a custom built website without the high costs.

Many farms who have tried to set up their own websites have either struggled with complicated systems that don't have the tools they need, or they've wasted a lot of money paying for a custom website that's equally as expensive to keep up. That's because these companies don't understand farmers or care about what they're trying to achieve.

We understand farmers - why you love what you do - and how to connect you to the customers who are looking for what you have but don't know where to find it.

Goatzz - Edit Animal

Our system not only includes an amazing custom website as the central piece of your marketing strategy but also unparalleled exposure on our national marketplace, and the ability to market on a breed or regional association website - all from one set of edits!

Goatzz has been serving family farms since 2007 and we've helped thousands of farms "close the loop" in their marketing by helping them sell the things they love creating, so they can live free of the 9-5!

If you're tired of feeling like marketing is too expensive, complicated, and lacking results, then you'll love Goatzz.

Goatzz - Custom website hosting

Every farm should be able to promote themselves easily and effectively without it costing a lot of money or being overwhelming.

We understand you. We're here to help.
Give Goatzz a try today!

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