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Emerald C Ranch

Breeding Quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Show and Milk.

Summer & Brian Cataldo
1282 County Road 263Gainesville, TX 76240
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Located on 48 acres in the Eastern Cross Timbers, thick with post oaks, blackjack oaks and bramble, Emerald C Ranch really is a Sea of Green!

Our first dream of our move to the country included owning a herd of goats. The versatility of the goat (milk, meat and fiber) is what attracted us, fitting perfectly into our vision of a more self-sustaining lifestyle. We wanted to start small, and so we did. With the great milk production of such a small animal, along with the correct body proportions, we were drawn to the Nigerian Dwarf goats. We now focus solely on the Nigerian Dwarf as a dairy goat. They are small, hardy and manageable with just the right amount of milk, which is ideal for providing milk to a small family or used to boost the fat content of other milk!

Along with our herd of goats we have several cats, two livestock protection dogs and a varying number of chickens. Our goats provide us with milk and meat, the cats help to control pest populations, the dogs keep away unwanted domestic and wild animals, and the chickens provide us with eggs and meat. I've often compared the dynamics of the ranch to a soap opera, with interactions and drama almost constant. Obviously, we love it and it provides us with endless entertainment and challenges.

Farm Terms & Financing

Prices quoted are for animals picked up at the Emerald C Ranch, located near Gainesville, TX. Additional charges (health certs, kennels, shipping etc), are the responsibility of the buyer. We test the breeding herd annually for CAE and any new animals for CAE, CL and Johnes. A non-refundable $100 deposit will hold the animal, posted for sale, of your choice for one month. Payment must be made in full prior to receiving any animal. Refunds, minus a $100 non-refundable deposit, can be made *after* being paid in full and *before* receiving the animal, in the case that you wish to cancel a sale. We accept cash or paypal (emerald.c.ranch@gmail.com). If you will be crossing state lines for pickup, please check the transport reqs for those states and be aware that they could cause delays in pickup time. Changes to this agreement may be made on a case by case basis at the discretion of the seller.

Quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We participate in DHI milk test, Linear Appraisal and show our goats to ensure we breed the best goats for our customers. We own several champion goats and have many does who have earned their milk stars.

We do not take reservations or keep a list. We breed for spring and fall kiddings, so look for new kids in October and March!

While our focus is producing show and milk quality kids, we do occasionally sell mature bucks and does, does in milk, wethers and non-breeding quality kids.