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Four Seasons Farm (FSF) Dairy Goats

Breeding productive, show quality Saanens with longevity

Laura & Chris Kieser
18265 Apple CircleJordan, MN 55352

Saanen Goats Deceased

Buck (male)

SaanenBuck (male)white | ADGA# 1692642  

Tau added length, style, and dairyness to our herd. We cherish the Tau does we have in our herd. ...


SaanenBuck (male)white | ADGA# 1855552 


SaanenBuck (male)white | ADGA# 2031054 

Triton comes to us from Camille O'Connor in Idaho. Triton has a long bone pattern and carries himself so elegantly. We are looking for a to adding this touch of style in our 2020 kid crop. ...


Sr. Doe (female)

2017 LA Score 04-04 90 VEEE
SaanenSr. Doe (female)white | ADGA# 1635727 

Saratoga was a doe we only wish we had the pleasure of owning longer. So many of her daughters have done wonderful things in out herd. We lost her during a traumatic kidding, and miss her every day....


Final LA Score 05-03 91 VEEE
SaanenSr. Doe (female)white | ADGA# 1444358 

Mercedes is our herd matriarch. We gave her the year off in 2019, but she insists on being bred for 2020. Here's hoping we can support her at 12 years of age!...